New Gisborne Electrical

Company OH & S Quality & Environmental Policies & Objectives


It is the policy of New Gisborne Electrical Pty Ltd to:


  • work with our clients, authorites, contractors and suppliers to provide services that meet our client's specific needs.
  • developing long term relationships to ensure the best outcomes for our clients, authorities and our company.
  • to deliver our jobs to clients on time, to requirements and on budget.
  • providing evidence throughout that all works have been constructed in accordance with the clients and authority requirements.
  • identify and manage the risks associated with our work.
  • to provide a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace, including depots,workshops and work sites.
  • strive for continued improvement of service delivery through measurement of waste,rework and client satisfaction.
  • comply with relevant authority, regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • provide the necessary resources and commitment to ensure our policies and objectives are met.

Our objectives are to:

  • satisfy our client's requirements.
  • increase our profit through reduced rework and waste.
  • increase our client base and repeat work from existing clients.
  • have zero workplace accidents and incidents.
  • ensure our suppliers and subcontractors operate with the same objectives in mind.
  • communicate with the people involved in our works to enable the above.  
    Glenn Moore
    Accredited Master Electrician
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